Festival Checklist – Creamfields



Partying to the likes of Avicii, Calvin Harris and Annie Mac in the height of summer sounds like an amazing way to spend the August Bank Holiday. If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to Creamfields this summer, we’ve got your back with our handy festival checklist for all those essentials you need if you’re going to camping at Daresbury.


Unless you’re a regular camper and already the proud owner of top of the range tent, grab yourself a cheap one that will last the weekend. Then you can simply chuck it away at home if it gets wrecked.

Toilet Rolls

Take a few with you for obvious reasons.

Mobile Phone

Apart from being able to keep tabs on all your mates and your Megabus confirmation on you at all times, you can also stash emergency cash behind your battery or in your phone case. If you forget your charger, there will be handy mobile phone charging units in the arena and campsites.

First Aid Essentials

Accidents do happen and although there will be First Aid points onsite, you can save yourself time by dealing with a scratch or headache yourself. Don’t go overboard, all you need is a few plasters, antiseptic cream and some painkillers and seek medical help for anything serious.

Baby Wipes

A pack or two of baby wipes is a must-have for staying fresh and clean as you camp. If you’re staying on the standard campsite you can upgrade to a luxury toilet and shower service but showers are provided as part of your package if you’ve bought a Gold, Silver or Bronze Ticket.

Sun Lotion

It could be overcast but your skin still needs protection against sun exposure and UV rays when you’re outdoors. Take along a bottle of SPF lotion or cream whatever the weather.


It’s no secret that festival food can be pricey. Save yourself some money and pack a selection of snacks in your bag or take advantage of Creamfield’s BBQ area and bring some grub to pop on your own disposable grill.


You’ll need to stay hydrated if you’re dancing in the summer heat so take enough water to last you all weekend. Each camper is also allowed to bring a crate and one bottle of spirits (in a plastic bottle) into the campsite.

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