Festival Fashion – T In The Park

We know it’s important to you to get the look right when you hit up T in The Park this summer. That’s why we’ve got in touch with Lucy Connelly, a fashion blogger from Glasgow, to bring you her top style tips. She’s a T in The Park veteran so there’s nobody better to ask. Check out her blog Florals and Corals, where she talks about style, interiors and lifestyle.

When you think about T in the Park, you might consider: music, camping, friends and maybe even mud. However, I think about festival fashion. I’m a bit of a T veteran and over the many years I attended, I was always more interested in what I was wearing than who was playing on the main stage.

As it’s Scotland, I always stuck to Hunters and wax Barbour jackets to keep warm and shield me from the elements. However, as times move on and festival fashion shifts I think it’s time to change it up – think more Coachella, less wellies and raincoats.

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First thing first. You want to cover all bases. Ultimately, it could rain but being an optimist I’m hoping that the sun makes an appearance. So for my festival fashion look this year I’m laying the foundation for the look in this Miss Selfridge floral playsuit. Floral was huge at Coachella, especially in the form of floaty and pretty mini dresses, but let’s be honest, if you’re on top of someone’s shoulders singing your heart out during Calvin Harris, a playsuit is probably a better fit.

Now on to the denim, it’s huge this year in general but it was also a hit with festival goers who varied their styling of denim jackets. Tying it around their waist during the day and draping it over their shoulders at night. It’s the perfect carefree jacket to add to your pretty or simple base.

IMG_3340 ps copy

Added extras. For TITP I’d also suggest you roll up a cardi in your bag as you may need it at night. Same thing goes for a light raincoat. This can be extremely useful in making sure you’re prepared if the rain decides to fall. Again I’d roll it up and pop it in your cross body bag so that you have the safety of it being there but it’s not taking away from your look.

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Change it up for footwear, I mean, I’d love to wear cowboy boots but they’re pretty impractical in rain and mud. Dr Martens on the other hand, or any other sturdy biker boot, would work perfectly and still give off that pretty chic vibe that is so in this summer. If you are camping for the weekend, I’d probably still suggest you pack wellies in case of rain, so that if it does start then you can wear them to the festival and keep your boots for the campsite.

Up top, go for either a hat or dainty jewellery with lots of rings, it will work perfectly with that pretty but grunge look. In terms of sunglasses, you’ll need them, even if the sun doesn’t shine – but remember to pack your least favourite pair in case you lose them.

IMG_3595 ps copy

Mostly you’ll want to feel comfortable and warm but you also want to look cool enough for all those Instagram photos you’ll be snapping. Going for a pretty outfit base and layering up with different jackets and accessories will help you achieve this. For this year’s festival style I’d suggest thinking less about traditional festival wear and more about whimsical grunge styles. It will look great – I promise!

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